Ballet double feature: Verklungene Feste and Josephs Legende

John Neumeier’s powerful double feature Verklungene Feste and Josephs Legende appears twice on the December schedule of the Vienna State Opera. There is much to learn about these two great works of ballet before experiencing them yourself.

Verklungene Feste, that is Bygone Celebrations, is set in 1830 at an opulent Parisian residence and is a tale of an elderly aristocrat who sponsors a revival of courtly dances from the early eighteenth century. Thus Verklungene Feste is a ballet about ballet, and we witness the transition from baroque dances to “modern” ballet. Continue reading

Vienna State Opera: 5 operas not to miss this October

General booking for October performances at the Vienna State Opera has already  started and, although some of you may have made their Vienna Opera Plans already, we felt the urge to share the 5 operas that we think truly stand out in this October’s programme. Obviously the Vienna Opera experience is unique and it is always a difficult choice to decide which events you should attend! Your No1 rule should be: go to as many as you can (afford). Continue reading