Ballet: La Fille Mal Gardée
Vienna State Opera
Opernring 2, 1010 Vienna
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La Fille mal gardée

A comic ballet in two acts, La Fille mal gardée (The Wayward Daughter) is one of the oldest and most important works in the ballet repertoire.

Originally conceived by Jean Dauberval to a musical pastiche based on fifty-five popular French songs and airs, the ballet premiered in Bordeaux in July 1789, just a fortnight before the French Revolution. Since then the work has seen many revivals and different adaptations by choreographers.

The production of the Vienna State Opera for the season 2015/2016 is based on Sir Frederick Ashtons’s choreography of La Fille, considered by many to be the definitive version of the ballet.

The story is one of a romantic pastoral comedy: a tale of young love, halfwit suitors, cranky old guardians, and a whirl of dancing chickens.

Lise, the beautiful daughter of the wealthy Widow Simone, is in love with Colas, a young farmer. The Widow Simone, however, has far more ambitious plans for her, and has arranged to marry Lise off to Alain, the dimwitted son of Thomas, a rich landowner. Despite Simone’s efforts to keep Lise and Colas apart, they manage to outmaneuver her and steal time together. In the end love conquers all and Simone gives Lise and Colas her blessing.

Enchanting, light and fluffy, this is the perfect ballet if you are bringing your kids or friends to see a ballet for the first time.