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Der Rosenkavalier (The Knight Of The Rose)
Vienna State Opera
Opernring 2, 1010 Vienna
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Enjoy the Famous Comic Opera by Richard Strauss

Strauss was not just the composer of an era, but the composer of two distinct eras. With his life straddling the monumental changes that occurred as the late Romantic period shifted into the early 20th century, he never failed to surprise and even shock his audiences with his daring melodies and the hidden identities buried in his work. 

Der Rosenkavalier was certainly no exception. After having left his audiences shocked and amazed with his earlier operas Salome (1905) and Elektra (1909), he was ready for something new when he composed Der Rosenkavalier in 1911. His audience, however, wasn’t so prepared for this raucous comedy full of waltzes (which were quite out of fashion at that time) and clever twists. Read more >