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Vienna Karlskirche St Charles Church Mozart Requiem concert orchestra tickets

Mozart Requiem at Karlskirche, Vienna

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If you are looking for a remarkable performance of Mozart's Requiem, this is a perfect choice. The chorus, orchestra, conductor and the church all come together to make a great enterprise such as this work.

Orchestra 1756 devotes itself to the interpretation of music between 1750 and 1800. The unique Mozart sound originates from intensive occupation with the stylistics of the 18th century, historic instruments and balanced formations of musicians.

The chorus is the Salzburger Konzertgesellschaft Chorus, and they give a splendid performance. Not only are the soloists individually excellent but also their emergence out of the orchestral fabric is otherworldly.

The ambience of St. Charles Church (Karlskirche) lends a feeling of solemnity and yet also a spiritual uplifting.

The Requiem has a complex history, riddled with deception and manipulation of public opinion. The work was commissioned by Count Walsegg in July 1791 who wanted to pass off the work as his own, so the circumstances of the commission were kept secret. Upon Mozart's death, Constanze (Mozart's wife) had the work completed by other composers, but to receive final payment, their assistance had to remain a secret. When it became known that others besides Mozart had a hand in writing the Requiem, Constanze insisted that Mozart left explicit instructions for the work's completion.

With all of these levels of deceptions and secrets, it is inevitable that many myths would emerge with respect to the circumstances of the work's completion. One series of myths surrounding the Requiem involves the role Antonio Salieri played in the commissioning and completion of the Requiem and in Mozart's death generally.