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Дворец Шёнбрунн Вена, ужин и концерт во дворце Шёнбрунн, классические концерты в Вене, Моцарт, Штраус, репертуар и билеты

Ужин и концерт во дворце Шёнбрунн


24 Фев 2024, 18:30

Шёнбрунн - Оранжерея КУПИТЬ БИЛЕТ >


25 Фев 2024, 18:30

Шёнбрунн - Оранжерея КУПИТЬ БИЛЕТ >


26 Фев 2024, 18:30

Шёнбрунн - Оранжерея КУПИТЬ БИЛЕТ >

Ресторан "Резидэнс" предлагает вам специальные блюда типичной венской кухни. Он разположен в сердце летнего дворца и располагает садом с прекрасной панорамой. В прошлом в нем была кухня императорской семьи.

Начало ужина в 18:30.

После обильного ужина, следует перейти в оранжерею "Orangerie", где начнется концерт в 20:30.

Шёнбрунский дворцовый оркестр, оперные солисты и вальсовая пара не дадут вам скучать в том же зале, в котором Моцарт лично выступал перед императорской семьей.

Конец концерта в 22:15.

Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra

The Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra Vienna is a traditional Viennese chamber orchestra, formed in 1994. Besides the concerts at the Orangery Schönbrunn, the orchestra has given many sold-out concerts across the world, including Japan, Croatia, Germany, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Denmark.

The Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra is accompanied by two opera singers, a soprano and a baritone, and two ballet-dancers in authentic costumes.

In late autumn and in winter the concert will be performed by the Schönbrunn Chamber Ensemble.

Schönbrunn Orangery

The Schönbrunn Orangery was built around 1750. The name reflects the original use of the building as a place where citrus trees were housed during the cold winters. In the 18th century, however, an orangery was not just a greenhouse but a symbol of prestige and wealth, and a venue for concerts and parties.

During many decades, royals and aristocrats enjoyed themselves at lavish parties here at the Schönbrunn Orangery. Emperor Joseph II was especially fond of holding celebrations in the Orangery with festively-decorated banqueting tables, ranks of flowering plants and illuminations in the citrus trees.

It was at the Orangerie Schönbrunn, where the famous musical duel between Mozart and Salieri, took place (Mozart lost).

The Russian Crown Prince, the future Czar Paul, and Emperor Josef II dined at the Orangerie Schönbrunn in the late fall of 1781.

After a thorough renovation in 1997, the former greenhouse was restored to its original beauty. The rear section of the Orangery still serves its original purpose, while the especially elegant front section is used for concerts and all kinds of festivities.

White-Gold Room

On selected dates, the concerts take place in the White-Gold Room, located in the main building of Schönbrunn Palace. In this intimate setting you can experience the musical performance up close!

We would like to inform you that there will be no ballet performance in the White-and-Gold-Room.

The White-Gold Room is situated on the ground floor of Schönbrunn Palace. With its white-and-gold-panelled walls and varying rocaille décor it is an outstanding example of Rococo craftsmanship from the era of Maria Theresa. During the restoration in the beginning of the 2000s, fragments of the original wooden flooring displaying an elaborate geometric pattern were discovered; the new floor was subsequently based on this historical model.


Part One - W.A.Mozart
 "Die Entführung aus dem Serail"
 "Le Nozze di Figaro"
 "Die Zauberflöte"

 Papageno – Papagena: "Pa, pa"
 Susanna - Figaro: "Cinque Dieci"
 Don Giovanni - Zerlina: "La ci darem"
 Zerlina - Leporello: " Per queste tue manine"

 Symphony in A Major, K 201
 Symphony No. 36 (Linzer), K 425
 Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, K 550
 Symphony No. 35 (Haffner), K 385
 Symphony No. 38 (Prager), K 504

Baritone arias
 of Don Giovanni: "Deh vieni alla finestra"
 of Figaro: "Non più andrai, farfallone amorosa"
 of Papageno: "Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen"

Soprano arias
 of Susanna: "Giunse al fin il momento"
 of Sandrina: "Dove son"

Ballet music
 "Die Zauberflöte", ballet music
 "Eine kleine Nachtmusik", Menuetto

Part Two - Strauss Family
 "Eine Nacht in Venedig"
 "Die Fledermaus"
 "Der Zigeunerbaron"

 Wein, Weib und Gesang
 Wiener Blut
 Roses from the South
 The blue Danube

Polkas, galops, marches
  "Auf der Jagd" Polka schnell
 "Im Krapfenwaldl" Polka francaise
 "Champagnerpolka" Polka francaise
 "Leichtes Blut" Polka schnell
 "Èljen a magyar" Polka schnell
 "Vergnügungszug" Polka schnell
 "Tritsch Tratsch" Polka schnell
 "Unter Donner und Blitz" Polka schnell

 Duet Count - Countess: "Wiener Blut"
 Duet Hanna - Danilo: "Lippen schweigen..."

Program subject to alterations

Confirmation (Voucher) will be received within 48 hours of booking, subject to availability.

Please redeem your voucher at Orangery Schönbrunn (Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 47, 1130 Vienna / 300m left of the main entrance of Schönbrunn Palace)

Free choice of seating in the selected category

Categories VIP, A, B and C refer to the front, middle and rear part of the concert hall. Dinner is the same for all categories.

Only Category VIP: a glass of sparkling wine or orange juice at our concert and one CD per person

Wheelchair accessible

01.04.-31.10.: Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra
01.11.-23.12. & 02.01.-31.03.: Schönbrunn Palace Ensemble

Christmas / New Year: Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra

On selected dates, the concerts take place in the Large Gallery or in the White-Gold Room directly in the Palace, in the Schönbrunn Palace Theatre or other concert halls in Vienna.

How to dress: there are no specific dress code requirements. An eclectic mix of visitors are often onsite at any given time, so guests dressed casually or formally are not likely to notably stand out. We recommend casual elegant attire.