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Opera in Vienna

Vienna Opera: Experience High Art at Its Highest

Opera has been one of the world’s great art forms for centuries and is nowhere more revered than in Austria’s lustrous capital city of Vienna. The city’s love affair with opera has endured all of the conflicts, cultural and otherwise, of recent European history to remain a bedrock of Viennese culture. Today, there have never been more opportunities to find great Vienna opera tickets and experience this amazing piece of cultural heritage performed live in some of the most beautiful buildings in the world!

Because frankly, while one could hardly argue against the fact that a trip to Austria is incomplete without experiencing a Strauss or Mozart concert at a Vienna opera, the truth is that a trip to Europe wouldn’t be truly complete without it as well. It’s always going to be difficult to decide what to experience in such a rich continent, but opera is truly the highest art of Europe’s golden age. Its soaring emotion brings together painting, music, poetry, and performance into what Wagner called “complete work of art.”